Our Illawarra, Wollongong & Shellharbour Cake Smash photography sessions are a great alternative to your standard 1 year old portraits. A unique way to commemorate 1st birthdays, while capturing their true personalities as they taste something sweet for the first time.

We love celebrating our babies 1st year. Cake Smash session starts with a regular mini portrait session capturing your child with you, or other siblings. Then, comes the cake. We include before pictures and then the cake will be added in and your child will be able to let loose and make a mess! But remember cakes smashes can be messy so be sure to pack a special bag just to put baby’s icing-covered clothes in, and a fresh set of clothes for him to wear once he's been cleaned up.

We can do a cakesmash for ANYONE at ANY AGE!!
Just recently we did a cakesmash with 2 twins ladies turing 30!! Oh what fun that was!!
And now they have some awesome photos to use for their 30th birthday party invitations.

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Estelle-Cakesmash-2017-91Estelle-cakesmash-2017_Grace_cakesmashFamily-050817-1841_benji_cakesmashAva_cakesmash_2017Isla-1stCakesmash2017-85Mackenzie_cakesmash_2017Isla_cakesmash_2017lachlan_cakesmash_2017jyson_cakesmash_2017Sonny-1st-Cakesmash2017-69makai_cakesmash_2017Purple and Blue 1st Birthday Cakesmash - Shellharbour PhotoshootLeo_cakesmash_2015Twins 30th Birthday Cakesmash - Illawarra Wollongong ShellharbourArlo_cakesmash_2015Hallie’s 1st Birthday Cakesmash Photoshoot - Wollongong Family PhotographerCherish happy moments - Family & Axel’s 1st Birthday Cakesmash Photoshoot - Illawarra PhotographerEmma Pink 1st Birthday Cakesmash - Illawarra Wollongong Shellharbour